Long ago sometime in the early 1980s I started modeling.
First in salt dough, later in fimo clay.
My first works in polymer were oldies and child dolls.

But the fairy world appealed to me , and very soon I switched to fairies.
Fairies and fairy-tale characters in all sizes and colors, from babies to adults.

The nice thing about sculpting is letting an idea mature in your head and then trying to make  it into clay.


*My figures are always made of polymer clay.

*Dressed fairies also have a fully sculpted body .

* I usually use prosculpt and fimo.

 These clays can also be mixed with each other because they have the same container T °, ​​and you can also bake the different  phases in between so that you can continue working on a solid basis.

In between and after the final final bake you can also sand and paint the workpiece with Genesis paint.

The eyes are always hand painted with watercolor paint or acrylic paint

Flowers, berries, mushrooms and mice are also made in clay.

Seasons, especially the melancholic autumn with its beautiful warm color palette are my biggest source of inspiration.


* The last figures I designed are the "fairy puppets"

I always made these little dolls as an extra toy for the fairy's and fairy babies.

But more and more these little figures also got their own place and story in my clay world

* My figures vary from 3 to 20 cm (0.8 to 7.9 inches)

Many of my figures are also perfect for use in the miniature world (scale 1/12).

* I work for a long time on 1 figure to present it as nicely as possible to you,
    but every now and then there are a few flaws in my Elves, just like in our human world  πŸ˜‰.


                            I thank you for being interested in me and my little fantasy world