Autumn is now completely in the country, and also the beautiful colors and of course pumpkins.

November is also the month that the witches come out.

And in fairy puppet country lives a very large witch family.

And this is Rosalie. 

Rosalie still has many sisters, but she is the sweetest and the best.

When it is dark, she goes out nicely dressed looking for a thick fresh pumpkin.

She makes delicious soup and cake from that, and leaves all that magic for her naughty sisters.



11 oktober 2019

new fairies in my web store

September 22, 2019

Autumn already shows some of its beautiful colors, so it's time for the new fairies.
Work a bit longer and I can place a number of fairy puppets and babies in my web store

21 juli 2019

Time for something new.

June and July were and are still busy months to get the assignments that are still written down ready.

Then I work for the webshop  :) 

New fairy puppets will be on sale in September.

And herewith also a few pictures of the last assignment, this little fairy and her friends have already moved to their new home 

18 juni 2019

I am currently working on an assignment, alongside a few photos


The fairy puppets gallery is also supplemented with new photos.
And also I have changed a few things.


I always like getting a response, but what bothered me is that the email addresses became public, so I replaced the form with another form.
You can now fill in this form with message without your address becoming public.
It arrives safely at me and I answer as quickly as possible

June 13, 2019
Finally, I also placed a newsletter form on my site.
Since I have created a mailbox on my site where all newsletter requests come together.

I will now send the newsletter from my site.
This makes it easier for me as the way I now send the newsletter.
If you would like to stay informed of new work in the webshop, then fill in the form that you find in the bottom gray bar of my site.

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Ellinor Iversen
5 months ago

Incredible work, so beautiful figures you make! I just wonder how much it costs?

Diane guelinckx
5 months ago

Hello Illinor ,
If you look in the web shop, there are several pages that you can click (at the top, next to the geese)
There you will find a lot of information about prices and shipping costs